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Public Speaking Institute - Regular Program

Jun 25th – Jun 30th

Location: Stanford University

Grade: 4th - 6th

What Campers Say

Excellent overall - it is amazing that this camp is always one of our children's favorites, usually preferred to their sports and outdoors camps (which they also like). — James Mittleberger 2006 PSI parent

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The experience was even better than the brochure described. The greatest strengths of the program were the quality of the instructors and the variety of subjects taught. The staff was exceptional — each and every one — bright, enthusiastic, upbeat, and their love of children was obvious.

- Joanne A., parent of an A+ Middle School participant
[The Director] at all times remained calm, positive, caring, energetic and professional. She put every ounce of her energy into making this a wonderful experience for everyone. She is an inspiration! - A+ Middle School Instructor

I would recommend this camp to other students. It was so much fun! I expected to dread every waking second of this camp, but I ended up never wanting to leave. My favorite activity was finding out who stole Sherlock (the camp goldfish).

- Hannah C., A+ Middle School participant